Calibration seems to be out

First time using a second hand X-Carve, I purchased from a friend, a 2015 X-Carve that has had a lot of updates, including Controller, Makita Router, Dust Shoe, Homing, etc and apparently it was working fine for him. But Now I’m not sure if I’ve set it up properly (in the machine setup) after reading some of the comments in the forum?
I did some test carves on some plywood and I thought it was working ok, so then I tried some circle pockets on a serving board. (set to Hard Maple) I setup two circles to be 88.1mm and one to be 61.1mm (all going about 7mm deep)
The 88.1 circles ended up slightly oval, 85mm wide x 87mm high, and similar with the 61.1 (55mm wide and 58.1 high) and they all had a couple of spots where it looked like the bit has shuttered sideways (only a bit)
I am not sure where to go from here?

you can manually set the calibration if you like, but it doesn’t look too far off. . . Here’s a video showing that process:

As for the oval errand shutter marks, I would check the belt tension and the Eccentric spacers (which adjust the v wheels into or away from the rails)
These 2 things are covered in the assembly guide under the calibration and maintenance section here: