Calibration when using multiple bits


When processing a stl, if i select multiple carving bits, i should turn off the machine in order to change the bits
Once i do so potentitially both x & y might change when manipulating the carver
In addition the depth of the bits might be different , so z should be recalibrated too
Is there a way to deal with this in a deterministic manner?

Thanks in advance

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No! spindle should be off. don’t forget to re-zero

ONLY On the X-Carve Pro PER the Safety Manual should be powered off, and unplugged for any bit swap (per the manual, not per how I’d actually do it…).
I’ve not seen another model containing this verbiage. I’ve always left my CNC powered in AND $1 set to 255 to HOLD the steppers LOCKED in place during the bit swaps and as such the Gantry never moves at all.
IF you’ve got a Standard X-Carve I recommend this procedure to set the steppers to LOCK and to allow them more power and thus more holding strength:

IF you don’t want to set the above Torque Lock settings then you could follow the official procedure from Easel which involves Homing BEFORE the First carve, doing this allows you to HOME after loosing position (during the powered down bit swap) and then the position is re-aligned and you can select “Use Last” for X,Y after re-probing the Z position… (I only recommend this method IF one refuses to set the steppers to auto Lock using the $1 setting above, if you set as above you can skip these steps…)

Hi @SethCNC

Thanks lot for the detailed explanation
Unfortunately I do not have an XCarve Pro and i still got the original model

Not sure if I’m the only one , but i do regularly align Y axis on both sides to make sure the carriage is perfectly aligned and that needs to be done with steppers unlocked. So i do not fancy that much togling those swithches that often and manipulating the controller that much

The official method should suffice in my case

Historically i ve been converting STL files to Gcode on my own so i do have the macros for homing ,setting z 0 and going to x0 & y0 ( i do always use the same y0 and x0 due to the type of works i do )

I had the idea of converting each carve into gcode from easel directly and running my macro for calibration in the middle

But as stated before, if the official procedure works i could get rid of the transformation from stl and gcode

Thanks lot again!

Not trying to push the locking method but,

this can be done using the jogging function.
I actually export my gcode from Easel and use OpenBuilds Control that way I can Jog using my cell phone as a pendant, pretty handy for this sort of thing when my laptop is setup around the side of the machine, out of the way…
Anywho, yeah try that homing after bit swap method and you should be good to go :+1:

Hey Nacho,

I’ve had my X-carve 1000x1000 for over a year now and have not setup the motor lock function yet. I plan to do this over the holidays.
I have the Makita router spindle and cut out a finger wrench from 3/4 MDF a while back, there was a file on the projects page for it. In the beginning I used the 2 wrenches that came with the router and would knock the gantry out of alignment almost every time. The finger wrench has made a world of difference in my bit changes mid carve.

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