Can a piece be Tapered in V-carve pro .5" one end down to 0 other end?

I am making a radio mount for a friends motorcycle and it needs to be 2" at bottom and and 1.5" at the top. I am using .75" pine cutting 3 frames to stack (because he is cheap and I am using scraps… They will be coated in fiberglass resin and painted after). The 3rd frame will need to be cut down to .5 at one side tapered down to 0 at the other. Is there a way to do this or should I attempt to run it across the table saw with a tilted blade after cutting it out?

Motorcycle radio.crv (392 KB)

This is what I have so far. The bottom of one would need to be .5 which is the easy part the part I cant figure out is how to taper it down to 0 at the top

Use the fluting tool. Just make a line then copy and flute to 0

I gave it a try.
I made a line and then did a copy array 1/8" apart (for a 50% stepover)
Then set the start depth to 0.5" and the flute depth to 0.25" (0.5+0.25=0.75)

It seemed to work ok?
Motorcycle radio flute carve.crv (415.5 KB)

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Apparently I cannot open your file because I am running V-carve 8.0 and yours is newer. Been having that problem a lot with other shared files. Is there a way to save that with a compatibility to 8.0?

Why don’t you upgrade to 8.5?

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I just started using it after sitting on it for almost 3 years. I assume I have to pay to upgrade?

Ok just checked and it is a free update… wish I had figured that out sooner lol. Unfortunately the update portal says down for maintenance so I still have to wait to update

I used the X-Carve to make this tool to do what you are trying to accomplish. It is designed to be used on a router table and has a lot of adjust-ability for depth as well as angle. I bet you could fab one with a lower profile to be used on the CNC or table saw for that matter if you don’t have a router table. This is some speaker rings for a Toyota that needed to be spaced out and angled up. I plan on designing one later to be used on the CNC.