Can a X-carve be run off a tablet

I have a android tablet that does run easel, but can I run the x-carve from it ?

Someone here uses a tablet to carve from… and uses a computer inside to make and modify files. I have seen it in one of the show off your setup pages.

That’s what I want to do. I’ll do all the design work on my main computer, then run the project from my tablet. If you happen to see it again please link me to it somehow please ! But i will also look for it.

l use a surface 3 pro tablet, i make my designs and run the x carve without any problem.

But what programs are needed on the tablet ? My tablet is android based.

That is a Windows tablet. There is no Android support for Easel yet.

For CAD there’s ScorchCAD: (two other options are listed at: )

Not aware of a CAM option which will run on Android — maybe pyCAM could run in qpython? If doing 2.5D stuff and if it has Flash, then MakerCAM?

There are a couple of Communication / Control options listed at:

From the Shapeoko forum

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Yes, I ran mine with a Windows 10 tablet and UGS. Worked fine, just couldn’t stand Windows.

Easel currently runs on any windows tablet.

We are looking into other tablet options but haven’t made any announcements yet.

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What was your hope with the tablet? Is it so your computer doesn’t have to be tied up with the machine since the tablet is less expensive?


Another Android option that I found was…

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Yes ! Exactly, I will do all the design on my main computer just run easel to print from my tablet.

I have not tried this yet, But you could also try going with a dedicated controller such as a Raspberry Pi and a Web Interface. This one uses JSCUT, which isn’t bad, but doesn’t make the most efficient tool paths.

In my case I got a second computer to run my XC to free up my laptop so I can work on other things.
I went with a tablet specifically because of sawdust. (Before I got my dust devil, my laptop started overheating and shutting down because it got completely clogged up with MDF dust!)

The tablet has no vents or cooling fans and a separate keyboard (easy to clean or replace).

I use a Surface Pro 3 to run XC

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Ok, You just spoke a different language than I understand ! LOL I’ll check out the link.

Lol, sorry,
The Raspberry Pi is a small computer ($35) It can be attached to the x-carve and used to control it form it’s own little web page.
The link provides most of the info you’ll need. Eventually I may go this route, but I’m still not 100% setup to do anything special till I get some stuff sold and at least make back the cost of materials.

Ok, now I understand.

Hey! How are you able to zoom the cut preview in and out using touch on the Surface pro 3? I’ve been trying to resize the preview (right side of screen using Easel) and no luck. I’ve tried the pinch gesture and that doesn’t work. Any suggestions?