Can Anyone guess what upgrade this is?

Hello everyone this is an upgrade to the X-Carve that I have not seen done before and is turning out to be pretty neat!!

But wait!!! can anyone guess what this mod is? First person to get this right will get first crack at the easel files for the completed project!!

(don’t worry all I will put this entire project in the Inventables projects spot for everyone that is interested lol)


The infamous slinky mod. It will allow your machine to go down stairs. :smile:


haha close but no cigar!!

How about a Makerslide dust protector?

It’s a dust shoe with as much functionality as this box:

Bam!! You are correct sir!! its a x axis dust protector in the making

gotta have holes for the coolness/weight factor all the holes are on the outside of the slinky so no dust can get in

Great idea. Be sure to let us know how it works out.

you are right in its current config it can but I also have some extremely flexible fabric that will wrap around the slinky and not allow any dust to pass through from the tests that I have done the fabric will collapse into a very small area when the gantry is all the way to one side but for almost everything I do on the X-carve i never get very close to the limits of the rail travel

the slinky should collapse down to 1" and extend 30" or so

the dust collection hose would be to rigid I believe I think the idea solution would be rubber bellows but a custom made set would be quite expensive for the X-carve

What do you mean putting suction on the slinky? hmmm I think you misunderstand what I am making hold on I will post a pic of a machine with dust guards installed

See on the x=axis the bellowed dust guards? that is what I am making for the X-carve

oh oh oh no worries lol

I am betting this is going to turn out great. keep us updated

I thought dust collection too, I thought you were going to cover the slinky. Very cool, very good idea! Please let us know how it works.

oh yeah I am going to cover the slinky in a flexible fabric but no suction on the slinky lol just dust repellent

I thought about this same thing but with cheap RV sewer hose.
Good Idea

I thought about the hose as well but i believe it will be to rigid i am hoping the fabric will compress smoothly enough to make it work

Did you ever get a working prototype for the dust guard?

no not yet I have been busy with other things I am still basically a the same stage in my post lol