Can anyone help me

Wanting to know how I can convert a photo of my family over ti the xcarve and have it engrave it can we do this with easel or we have ti buy a program ? Also is there any free site or anything I can use to convert an image of a sailboat into DXF file ?

Easel has a rather rudimentary image trace function (the door at the lower right)

If it’s a high-contrast image like clip art, I would run it through Inkscape first, as there are a lot more settings in inkscape to end up with a better trace…

However if it is a photo of like a boat in real life, then a graphics designer who specializes in re-tracing photos by hand might be a better option… Alternatively I have used Vector Magic in the past and that software is pretty good at re-categorizing shades into solid colors and turning that into vectors to carve…

I believe there is a misunderstanding, covert to svg won’t work for this.
PhotoVCarve Product Page | Vectric
if your planning doing a lot of photos this the way to go for $149.00

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