Can anyone identify this bit please?

I got this bit from a friend, but he can’t remember where he got it. It is awesome at taking a really clean cut in MDF. I have looked all over the net but not been able to find anything that looks similar. Can anyone say what it is properly called - or its proper use if its not a cutter even - or recommend a cutter that is good in MDF and a source

Thanks all

The pic is very poor but it looks to me like a double angle form tool, it was ground for a specific purpose, ie chamfer at the top chamfer at the bottom.
for mdf i like to use 2 flute downcut bits (keeps the top edge from tearing) and i buy all mine from about 4$ each they are all made by Kyocera Tycom which is a very reputable tool mfg in the machining industry

Thanks for the insights and info

OK. I’ve found 'em ! They are called a “half straight cutting bit” and are available on the 'Bay in various sizes and cutting edge length. I’ve just ordered some 3mm diameter with a 12mm knife edge, so we’ll see how well they perform on some thicker MDF