Can easel run a dwg file

bought a plan on etsy that is a dwg file. wasnt paying attention when i bought it. that being said can easel run this file? if not what program do i need to get it converted to a file i can use.

Did you try?

You can probably convert it to a DXF online. Check to see if CloudConvert works.


thank you it converted it

totally disappointed in buying the X carve. limited file types with easel. for the money its not worth it. Almost ready to pack it up and send it back. Easel SUCKS

well maybe you need to move on to fusion360 or possibly Vectric software.

Easel software is for the beginner who is just getting CNC world and some users are veteran users that are happy with it


Hi Gary, so are you disappointed in the CNC or the Software? These are not the same things and nothing was stopping you from exploring the software prior to making the purchase. Also nothing is stopping you from using other software even from day 1, there are many other options out there :man_shrugging:
What file type are you attempting to use? Does the software you intend to migrate to after Easel support this file type, or will you be right back in this same “disappointed” situation after moving to another software?

On my PC I have the following software installed and use then when they are appropriate for the job of my various cnc machines: Fusion360, Carveco, Vectric, Carbide Create, Candle, OpenBuilds, UGS, Lightburn, LaserGrbl, LaserBox, Blender, Cura, TinkerCad, , ZBrush, Inkscape, Vector Magic, and Easel. With all of those options I find myself in Easel for the majority of my projects because it is simply the easiest to use. But Nothing is stopping you from learning and using other options.

Now let’s talk about this:

There’s no need for this, posting with this attitude doesn’t help you learn how to use your cnc. If you need help converting your image to a compatible file type, then just ask for help. Don’t rant, that doesn’t help anything.

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