Can easel software be used for industrail cnc

What details would i need about an industrial cnc in order to use easel to design something.

i work for a company that has a few different cnc machines ,would i be able to design something in easel and save the g code and run it on one of these machines?

I have run Easel G code directly on my Techno-Isel without any other software other than the sender. That said, your mileage may vary.

If you are in a workplace that has a number of CNC machines your workplace probably has software that runs those machines. Software such as Vectric can import G-code from other machines and use that as a starting point.

You should talk with the staff that run the machines and find out what software is used at your workplace. In many cases the software packages can import images and create tool paths. You might be able to create your design as a drawing using any of the popular art packages and then import that as an SVG or DXF. I’m guessing you are interested in Easel for its accessibility and ease of use. It might get you where you want to be, or there may be other equally easy paths depending on what is used at your company.