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Can I assign tool path order in easel

When I go to cut my part it wants to cut profile first then interior features . I want to cut interior first profile second . Can I change the order in easel

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Hi Shonn,

Easel should always try to carve inside-out. Do you have an example project that you can share with this problem? I’d like to take a look as that may be a bug.


Hi, the question above is can you change the order of cuts to your choice, is it possible to choose order of cuts or is it locked to inside-out?

Hi Curt,

It’s not possible to change the cut ordering in Easel.

Hmmm. How do i share the file ?

create 2 separate workpieces with the interior elements in the first and the profile cut in the second

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File / share / share with link / copy the link / save / paste into your message

I have created two and thats gow i am doing it now. Problem is that i am nesting the parts x6 pcs. And the way it is i have to manually man the machine every time. I would rather just let it cut and come back half an hour later and have it finished.

Instead of sharing file, I find it easier to:

File > Make A Copy

Then change the name of file. I just started using Easel yesterday so please talk this advice with a grain of salt:)

Hi Shonn,

As Neil said, Easel should always cut objects inside profile cuts first, eliminating the need to assign a cut order or move parts to different workpieces. Please share the link to your file here so that we can see what the problem might be.


Ok i figured it out. My mistake. It is cutting the inside. The issue was i need to send some features “to the back”
That corrected the issue.


What you might try is make a copy of what your doing on the bottom ,then click on the first one and remove the outside cut so it only cut the interior cut ,then close it open the next copy and remove the inside and keep only the outside cut ,so now when you run it i will cut the inside first when its done ,move to the copy ,without moving your work/job and change your bits and chosen ,set your and continue ,and note easel doesnt have verygood cutting tools ,but if you enlarge it you can remove the cuts you do not want


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