Can I determine where the carve starts

Is it possible to force easel to start a carve from a point you choose. I cannot find where this can be done. This would be a valuable feature.

Can anyone help?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Not an option.

Thank you. Good to know. Would be a nice feature for future versions.

@MarekKasperski The machine 0,0 does not change. However you can select where your project starts. Look at my video. I give several examples.

This should help you

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Dear Phillip,
Thank you so much. What a brilliant video. I have learned so much.

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Your welcome. I’m so glad the video helped you. Also if you are doing a production run, you only have to set your x,y location once. Only set the z axis and continue to run the projects. Hopefully you subscribed. I have some additional videos planned for working with easel

@MarekKasperski Sorry for the short reply…kids. I understood your question to be asking if you could start the actual carve at a specific point in your design. There are CAM software that allow you to define entry points and direction and order to a degree. Easel is not one of those.
Can you explain the situation where you’d find it an advantage to define the start position?

Thanks Neil.

I am carving medal cases from a block of timber. The final cut is cutting through the 19mm piece of wood around the perimeter, which is done last.

Unfortunately, being hardwood, the bit gets jammed unless the channel is cleaned out 2 or 3 times during this deep carve. Failure to do so often results in the carve going off track.

The entire carve is quite long, so I would like to do the perimeter first, so I can monitor it. If I wait for it to be done last, I often miss it, as I need to set an alarm.

My work around has been to delete the deep perimeter carve and add it to a new page, thus doing two separate carves. This is inefficient, and on odd occasions, the second carve doesn’t exactly match up with the first.

I was just hoping I could determine a neat way of doing everything together, without the problem of being at the machine just when the last deep carve starts.

Thanks so much for your reply :slight_smile:

Your workaround is the only way Easel handle this, when Easel is the source CAD.

What you could do is to only cut through the perimeter say 50%, then do the rest with a band saw and a router edge trimmer. Faster (but require a extra manual operation)

Another way is to make the perimeter a wider cut so it wont clog so fast, downside is longer cut times.
Say you make a 8mm perimeter pocket when using a 6mm end mill :slight_smile:

Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

I now have many options, but importantly, the kind people replying have saved me much time researching for a solution that is not there.

I will continue to have two individual cuts, so that I can monitor the deep perimeter cut. It just requires me to be available rather than set and forget.

I have attached a picture of my project. The case also has a snug fitting top which is laser etched.

Thank you for your time and expertise.



@MarekKasperski. I believe it is extremely important to be with your machine anytime you are carving. Let’s face it, things happen. However, I also know there are times you must step away for a few minutes. Here is a link to a video on how to do a free setup with an old phone to monitor your carving when you must leave for a few minutes.

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Absolutely brilliant. I have an old iPhone, so I will be setting it up as you have described in your YouTube video. So many cool tips. I’ve subscribed!

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Thank you. I’m glad this helped you

I use Team Viewer with the Laptop’s camera pointed at the work, while I am elsewhere.
It also allows me to stop or pause the carve remotely.

God Bless,


Aero Admin is also good.

Phillip I just want to say thank you for your input. I have learned a good bit from you here and from YouTube videos.
I am new to all this so I’m not sure how to search for this issue.

I am trying to import a small 3D carving from Vcarve Desktop 9.0 into Easel Pro but when I do it wants to place the center of the model on the X Y home. As you know when importing gcode you cannot edit anything. So can you help me figure this issue out or direct me to the right place to ask?

Thank you again for all your help sir.

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The reason is in Vcarve. When you setup the job in the job setup section at the very beginning it asks where the x,y axis is going to be. Check there

Hi Brady. My approach to this would be to set the x,y zero location at commencement of the carve to be in the centre of the workpiece (assuming you want the carve centred on the workpiece). Cheers Dean

Here is what I found out… When I viewed the file imported into easel it kept showing the center of the piece at the X Y home. I watched a few videos and noticed that all of those where showing in the same place. I just ran the file with the bit in the center of the workpiece and it worked great. So yes @DeanRoberts that worked. Thanks for the info and hopefully this will help others that have the same question.