Can i disable two stage carve?

is there a place where i can choose just one stage, or could those roughing/finishing gcodes can be merged? i just want to cut it in one go - is this possible?

pieces i’m cutting are not that detailed or complex, and they are very large.

i’m also new to this arena (have an m2) please let me know if i’m missing something.

Just use one bit.

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i’m already using one bit, but when export g-code i always get one for roughing and one for finishing. how do i get just one file instead?

Can you share the project?

It sounds like you have chosen 2 bits or you are doing 3d

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shared it here:

yes i’m doing a test 3d cut of a basic model i made in fusion 360 to make sure all the settings are right. it’s 2"x 2" x 0.75" contains three steps each 0.25" deep. If i can get this cut correctly then I will start on my main project. so far the best one I got out of this was 2.25x2.1" i’m still playing with cut settings, and hopefully i can get it done with one cut instead of two.

3d carving requires the user to select an endmill and a ball bit (2 stages)

I suggest not csrving this as a 3d model STL file
Instead export the SVG and import that into easel. Making the design a 2.5d design.

OR do the toolpaths within fusion360 and save the gcode, then use that to perform the carve…

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If you don’t want to use Fusion for the toolpaths, then export the faces as DXF and assign depths in Easel. As @SethCNC said, this is not a 3D design as far as CNC goes, it is a 2.5D.
Remember, that internal pocket will not have sharp corners when you cut it. I always recommend designing it with the radiused corners, so what you design is what you get.
If that stuff doesn’t make sense, ask.

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Can I simply merge those roughing and finishing gcode files and run it? (meaning copy paste after the last line of

generating toolpaths using fusion360 sounds amazing, is there any link you recommend for that?

I’ve found this one, and going to try that next! Fusion 360 Help thanks for the tip!

Here’s how to do a simple sign, you really only need to become familiar with the 2d toolpaths for your part, 2d Clearance and 2d contour.

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