Can I extend the wires to the controller?

I have made an enclosure for my X-Carve and would need to extend the wires (X, Y, etc.) for about a foot or so. This way, I can keep the controller next to the enclosure and still have some room for my laptop on it.

Would you please let me know if I can do it? Has any of you done it? What type of wire? What are the things to watch for?

I would appreciate your help.

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There is no problem running longer wires, expect longer cables = more prone to picking up noise.

Adding a foot or two, I wouldnt sweat it :slight_smile:
Use same gauge wire as original.

If you want to exchange to new wire, choose a shielded cable while you are at it, terminate shield at controller end only.

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Thank you for your quick response. Do you by any chance know what gauge wire they are? Also, I was not planning on cutting the existing ones at all. How would you suggest (through a connector or something?) to extend the existing wires using the shielded ones?

Once again, thanks for your suggestions.

20 AGW should be fine.

I chopped all my leads from the X Carve and wired them into a terminal block attached to the frame. Then wired from the X Controller to the terminal block. Little tidier.

Allows me to connect the controller, spindle VFD, spindle water supply all at one place on the machine side, and mount the VFD and controller a few feet away on the wall.