Can i heatsink a power distribution board

this is more of a technical question for the circuit board guys.

so my drone build is coming along nicely. so nicely that it is in fact flying. but now i want to push it harder. and before i design my own power board. im experimenting with premades. my question. the board im using is rated for 20 amp continuous and 25 burst. with such a low burst im obligated to to question there promises, but with my 2206 motors drawing 25 amps at full steam, im getting pretty close to blowing my powerboard. my question. is can i heatsink it to draw off some of the heat for over powered build. and would it be a reliable solution for a final product if i wanted to say it could handle these top end racing motors.

i thought about weight. but id have to see. how much it would need to determine that.

ill probably just go with a beefier board.

and what are you talking actually nice. lol. my little puppies scream down the feel at 70mph and cobra claims 90ish with there 2206 motors. well find out right.

and ok. yah, planes are faster. but mine don’t break when i fly super rough:blush:

“fly super rough” is that a euphemism for… um,

_CRASH _ ?

Sounds like when my daughter was learning to drive…

paint to paint interface.

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Hahaha. Yeh but thats whats great about miniquads. The interface clears up quickly and i can fly it back to my part of the feild.

And yes as a fast and low flier i do thing with my quads i would never dare do with my heli