Can I invert a SVG?

I’ve attached 2 images of file i converted to a svg in Illustrator. The cut pattern is the complete opposite of what I want to cut out - for example - I want to cut the stars into the wood not around the wood. Is there a way to “invert” the svg file in Easel? Any recommendations on how to fix the image file?

Screenshot 2022-07-27 153111
Screenshot 2022-07-27 153141

you don’t need to invert, just change tool path to a pocket. don’t forget put it inside a box

Any vector editing program.

Create a rectangle the same size as your flag and set it to your desired depth. Put the flag on top and cut to a zero depth.

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There is a trick to invert, but it isn’t exactly what you want for this particular project. . . IF you want the correct orientation Flag, you can grab the .SVG from the link to my google driver in the description of this video, , ,

IF you want to know how to Invert for future uses, this is how it’s done within easel:

(Note this video is from my members-only section and will revert back to a “members only” video in a few days, so ya might want to check it out before that happens…)

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Thanks, I think I figured it out.


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