Can I 'replay' an operation without resetting my home?

Basically, if I run a cut that’s just a tad fast on the speed rate and I want to just repeat the operation to clean up the cuts, is there a good way to do this with Easel (using as a g-code sender from Fusion 360) without having to re-home my machine and reset my 0’s? Basically just a ‘replay’ button is what I’m after.

Apologies if it seems like a silly question, but being new to the X-Carve and after working in the machining industry for a little bit, I’m super hesitant to try stuff without knowing for sure what it’s going to do.

If you have a home position brace for repeated work, it’s possible. My X-Carve returns to home, albeit at the raise spindle height. There is an option before sending in Easel to use previous home.