Can I use Easel while carving?

Since I’m sitting here watching a project carve I can’t help but wonder: Can I start laying out my next project while it’s working on the current one or will that completely hose the first project? Christmas is coming and any increase in productivity would be mighty nice.

try clicking file-open then start your new lay-out

Short answer… Yes

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Thanks. This will help especially since I did a 2 hour carve and then tried a finishing pass to smooth it up and carved a nice ugly gash in the middle of it!

I have. In fact I worked on the same project while it carved a different area of it.

I did run into problems when I imported a .SVG with 70 objects and Easel was really sluggish while saving every time I moved the graphic a bit. The current carve stopped, tool returned to zero (like normal), and spindle turned off nicely. So no-harm, no-foul.

Nice to know - hadn’t even thought of working on the same piece - that will help a lot. Thanks!