Can I Use X Controller With CNC4 Newbies Machine

Hoping someone can tell me. Can I use an X controller with a CNC4 Newbies 4x8 platform. I have a water cooled spindle kit from PWNCNC 1.5 kw is this possible can it be done?

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The biggest issue that I might see that combination of parts having stems from the max current output of the X-Controller and the lack of definition on the Cnc4N website about what the nominal current draw is of their stepper motors. If the Cnc4N steppers need more power than the X-Controller drivers can output then you wouldn’t get full torque out of the setup, but it would still be usable, you’d just not have full strength without upgrading the drivers and power supply possibly, HOWEVER it’s also possible that it’ll work perfectly fine, it’s just a grey area due to the lack of stepper motor specs on the Cnc4N website.

As for the Spindle, you can control that using the PWM output from the X-Controller (and any other cnc controller actually because they all have a PWM output) I believe Daniel from PWM actually published videos to the PWM YouTube channel showing how they suggest one wire in and setup the VFD for use with the X-Controller. . .

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