Can someone create this file in Easel Cam?

If someone can create this soap dish file in Easel Cam I would be willing to commision your work. I just need the soap dish not the supports on the right.



7 Inch Soap Dish.pdf (84.4 KB)

How deep do you want the cuts to be for the grating?

How quick you need this?

Need to be cutting it by Saturday this week


here you go. currently depth of grooves are set to .2, but you can adjust them.

.2 inches. Sorry. but you can adjust easy enough

The file looks great i will be cutting the prototype tomorrow to see if it passes. This will be my first paid job if its a go I will need your email address so I can send you a gift via paypal. Thanks again cnc and 3d printing forum groups are the best


haha Dude don’t sweat it man. I might need your help down the road. It honestly didn’t take me but 15-20 minutes to do it. So hopefully it works out ok for ya. Please share the finished project.Curious to see how it comes out.

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