Can someone double check this for me, please?

I am in need of something that can provide consistent placing and support of blanks. I looked around the “project” files and found some things that will prove to be most useful, like the cam clamps and the “L” bracket. Now I needed something that would give me more support along the “Y” axis so I needed to extend the bracket a bit. I did some digging in the forums and found that the holes in the stock waste board are 75mm apart from center. Using that I “edited” the points and extended the “Y” side about 250mm longer, then used the replicator app to create the holes equal spaced at 75mm.

Here is my “Q”… On the replicator app I checked the box “On Center” assuming, of course, that this would put the spacing at 75mm center to center. Is my thinking correct?

Would someone mind taking a few min and checking my project for me to make sure it will work (in theory, please, I am not asking someone else to carve it and check it) I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you, Drew

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Yeah!! It worked!


Nice, i have a setup i use to engrave cubes, so that i can do one side, rotate and do each of the other sides, i’ve found toggle clamps are super good for jigs like that. i made the jig separate from the machine, then i just clamp it to the machine and zero it once and i can make a hundred if i wanted with very high repeatability

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That is exactly what I am going to do. I am making some table center pieces for Christmas this year and wanted a way to not have to re-zero every time. I think it will work out great!

That type of L bracket is very useful. One feature that makes it even better is to cut the inside x and y after it is screwed into the waste board. That allows it to not only be consistent, but align perfectly with x,y = 0,0

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Good Idea! Will have to do that on the next one :slight_smile:

Thank you

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