Can the day get worse?

Well just another issue to deal with… Had a thunderstorm roll in and took the power out momentarily, anyways My pc I use for my CNC is now pooched… Spent about 4 hours now going through troubleshooting to try and fix it with no luck. Decided to give up and ran the com port to my designing pc, and now it won’t reconize it in easel. Can’t click carve. Downloaded the drivers and still nothing… Any ideas what it could be? or is my xcontroller also fried?

EDIT: Fixed Downloaded the FTDI driver to get the comms to recognize itl Hoping my uncle can take a look at my pc and get it fixed.

Get some surge protectors!

Just check to see on new PC’s device manager if you have Arduino listed as com port. And also make sure Bits Per Second is 115200.

well… could be worse… on the bright side you would have a new job… on the other side, it is a rectal thermometer tester. Really ever look at one of those packages, it says that the are individually tested.