Can the vertical rate be adjusted for movement vs drilling?

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I have an application that can be viewed as a bunch of bowls that need counter sunk holes drilled in the bottom of the bowl. Because of the countersink, the holes cannot be drilled with the bowls flipped over so the surface is at the top of the bowl.

So… To drill those I have to move vertically fairly slowly. So it moves over to each hole at a height that can clear the edge of the bowls and then moves slooooooowly down for a long time before it actually does any drilling.

I want to say something like drill a 2 inch deep hole, but you can move vertically really fast for 1.8" and then move slowly for the final 0.2" because that is the only time there is actual material to be drilled.

The actual part is more complicated and I do milling also, but the above captures the issue.

Is there somewhat to speed this up so most of the time is actually spend in contact with the item rather than slowly moving?

You could set z zero at the bottom of the bowl and set a safe height high enough to clear the sides of the bowl.
The safety height lifts/lowers should be performed at the rapid rate, not the plunge rate, but i havent verified this yet…

You can perform this pretty easily in Fusion360 though :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, there is not enough room to zero on the bottom of the bowl, but maybe I could make a larger holding fixture and mill down an area to the correct height to set the reference on.

Fusion360 - a complex program that will require investing time and $ into figuring out… probably something I need to start looking into!

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