Can we the users have some sort of changelog for Easel?

One of the things I love about Inventables is that they’re made of people. Very smart people who mean well, and have great hearts, but who sometimes make mistakes. Since I’ve had my X-Carve there have been lots of under-hood changes and improvements to Easel, and that’s great. But sometimes those changes cause errors for users, or unexpected behavior from our machines, and we don’t have any way to know what’s going on other than taking to the forum, posting a complaint, hoping it gets traction and something gets done.

I think it would be great to have some sort of bulletin that shows when changes are posted to Easel, and maybe a shortlist of upcoming mods or fixes. That way if our machine starts using a new toolpath logic we don’t have to start chasing ghosts in our Arduinos thinking there’s a problem. Or if we notice Easel acting in a way that’s not correct, or prevents us from using it the way we need to, we can be more educated when we ask for help beyond “Duh, Easel’s busted. Fixit!”