Can x-carve and easel do this much detail?

I am very interested in doing these2111-Poppy-chair-set-1-lg
WIll I be able to do something like this? Most of inlay is only 1/8" wide. I dont have a xcarve, but would consider getting one if it could do this

I think some of those finer details would be best suited for v-carve style inlay. It can be done on an X-Carve, if the machine is fully dialed in. You would also need some 3rd party software.

I’ve never done it, though, so don’t take my word for it. Inlay work needs to be precise. With the X-Carve, that level of precision is possible, but it usually takes some practice.

Agree with this. I don’t have an X-carve, but I’ve done it (not efficiently) on a Carvey. And it’s pretty easy on an Shapeoko 3.

And this.

Easel Pro can do it. So can F-engrave, V-carve, and Fusion 360.


The Xcarve can perform this.
Easel do have a inlay app which may work, but as suggested V-carve inlay may be best to bring out the most intricate details.

Here is a video taking you through the process :