Can X-Carve "carve" rubber?

I was thinking today about making a rubber stamp and was wondering if it would be possible to use the X-Carve to carve into a block of rubber to do this, or would the rubber be too elastic to do this?

I made my stamp with linoleum worked like a charm.


That’s what I was initially thinking, but just wondering if it were possible to carve into rubber.

Awesome idea Kasey. Do you have a link to the bits that you’re using?

If I remember it was just a simple pc board/engraving bit. I’d have to get home to find the link .

2 flute end mills work fine.

Canadian link, but just copy and paste to .com you’ll most likely find it

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You guys are great! Thank you so much :+1:

Expect to spend 5 to 10 minutes with some sort of pick to clean out all the fuzzies.

Are we still talking about stamp making?

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Yes when I carved my stamp there was a whole wack of linoleum fuzzies leftover

Carbide rotary burrs

If you search for it someone carved old hockey pucks into rubber stamps. (Apparently they used one were super cheap at their local sporting good store.)

I have made rubber stamps in the past carving an inverted master in blue jewelers wax and then casting that in silicone. The wax doesn’t need any release agent. And if you carve it in a slightly recessed pocket the wax can act as it’s own mold box. :slight_smile:

You could so the same with wood but you need to seal it before molding.