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Can Xcarve pro automatically turn on dust collector and shut it off when carve is done?

with the old xcarve it had an output i used to run a relay to start and stop my router and dust collector. Does the Pro have this?

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Even if you can’t get your Xcarve pro to control your dust collector, you do have options.

The switch box shown above is nice because it has both start and stop delay and because it uses separate circuits for the router and the dust collector. That way you want trip a breaker by running the router and the vacuum from the same outlet.

Soon after the Xcarve starts the router the dust collector will turn on and after the router has turned off and the dust has settled, the dust collector will turn off.


i can see this working on the original Xcarve with a non integrated spindle where i have to plug the router (spindle) in. with the new integrated control for the spindle in the Xcarve Pro i would have to plug the hole controller into this and that has continuous power to control box and does not shut down at end of carve.

thoughts or am i missing something

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Yes, I forgot about the VFD on the Pro. I’m not sure about the IVAC. Another model I found on Amazon would trigger beyond 30watts, so the XCarve Pro controller sitting idle might be below triggering the dust collection.

Other CNC controllers have outputs for flood cooling and some users have attached relays to the output leads. You then edit your startup G-code to turn on the “coolant pump” and the dust collection turns on. I’m not sure if the Pro has anything like that.

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Ordered a set of 1/4 solderless screw plugs. NANYI TS 1/4 Inch Jack, 6.35mm Mono Male Plug for Guitar/Speaker/Microphone Cable That can be Solderless Screw - 2 Pack: Industrial & Scientific

In the machine tab / advanced, click the “Accessory Commands” box.
Install plug in either FLOOD or MIST.
Connected wires from this to the IOT relay.
Powers on the vacuum system just like the regular xcarve.

Happy Carving!!! :grinning:


Thank you for information

will give it a try and let you know.


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works great

Thanks for the Help!


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I’m trying to figure out this solution. What is the IOT relay? Can you describe the solution in a little more detail for me, please?

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I actually figured it out. It seems the consensus in the forum here is to use a combination of these parts:

The jack plugs in to either the flood or mist ports on the controller and is wired to the relay directly. Seems pretty simple. I just wasn’t aware a product like the IOT Relay existed.


FYI, my first IOT relay (from Digital Loggers) only lasted 18 months, so unless yours fairs better than mine, you may want to keep a spare around.

I had planned to just hardwire a normal light switch to an outlet dedicated to the shop vac but I like the automated aspect of this setup.

Thanks for the tip!

Worked for me also. I’ve had an IOT relay on my XC for 3 years. I did have an issue with it after 2 years, but IOT replaced it for me. I followed your instructions and it works like a charm. I really missed the auto vac switch capability on the XCP, thanks for sharing!

Says I could only attach one picture, so adding the second to a reply.

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What gauge wire did you use to connect the switch to the X-Carve Pro?

The connector is designed for 12-30AWG wires

The longer your run is the larger gauge you’ll want to use in order to combat resistance drop over a longer wire run.
That said, the photo looks like he used 20-22AWG

I used 16 gauge that I had some available spools of. However, since this is used on the low power side of a relay to close the connection, you can use much smaller wire. I considered pulling a twisted pair out of a cat5 cable, but I had this other wire available (i.e., less work :slight_smile: )

I did make a short video on setting up this mod:


Are there any alternatives to the IOT relay…I’m having a hard time finding one in stock.


There are cheaper options than the above. Bought one from Amazon for much less.