Can you 3 d carve with easel

Total newbie here I would like to 3 d carve can you do this with easel?

The xcarve will carve 2.5d projects but you will need another program to create the 2.5d drawing and a postprosser to send it to the machine. You can not draw 2.5d in Easel.

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The X-Carve will actually carve 3D projects, but as @WayneHall mentioned you will need to design in an outside program as well as generate the GCode in a capable program as well.

In short, the machine is capable of simultaneous X,Y, and Z axis, but Easel is not capable of designing or producing cam operations for this.


Brandon Parker


Dennis, the video linked below contains an example where I used MeshCAM (paid CAM program) to generate the 3D toolpaths to machine my desired clamp (its front slope makes it a 3D job) and then imported the GCode for each toolpath into Easel to run the job.

(274) CNC Machining a Wooden Clamp using MeshCAM V8 - YouTube

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I use Fusion360 for the CAD&CAM, then use Easel (or UGS) to transmit the code to the machine.
F360 have a steep learning curve but if one get past that its very powerful.

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I use Rhino3D and Meshcam through UGS to carve on my Shapeoko2 upgraded to current X carve specs.

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