Cannot add or use Pro fonts anymore

My husband has been using Easel Pro for a couple of years now and for the past few months he says he can no longer access the Pro fonts. All he has are the Basic fonts. I don’t use this program myself but he is not comfortable using the forum so I have my own account just to ask questions for him.
Can anyone help please? Thank you.

If his browsers cache was cleared it may have erased the installed fonts. I’m not exactly sure what other methods result in the installed fonts being removed from the panel right here, but he should be able to access the full library and choose which to install by clicking “+ Add fonts” at the top here

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Hi Seth. I have no idea what he did but the next time he went on his laptop he tried to add fonts and all the fonts in pro were back. So whatever the problem was it seems to have fixed itself. Thank you so much. :slightly_smiling_face:

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