Cannot connect PROVer Mach3

I’ve been able to connect to my Sainsmart 3018 PROVer Mach 3 using DrufelCNC, but not Easel. I am using a Windows device. I have installed the Easel Driver and CH341SER. I have added legacy hardware Ports (COM & LPT) to Device Driver. I see an unrecognized device on COM3. Easel does not connect when I enter COM port manually. I do see a “by BlueSkyT” device in Control Panel Devices, but I don’t see a COM port associated with it.

I’m new to CNC and would prefer to use Easel over DrufelCNC.


According to Amazon: : Genmitsu Mach3 Control Board for 3018-PROVer Mach3, 3018-PROver, 3018-PROVer V2 and 3018-MX3 CNC Router Machine : Tools & Home Improvement

  • It’s suitable for Mach3 and DrufelCNC and supports the Windows system. Note: Not applicable to Linux and iOS systems, GRBL related control software is not supported.

It isn’t Grbl compatible. Not sure if that is your problem or not.

You should be able to draw in Easel and load the Gcode into your controller to run it.

Mach3 supports gcodes that Grbl does not. Mach3 should be able to run all the gcodes that Easel produces I’d think. I have mach3 on a couple mothballed older machines.

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