Cannot copy from sandbox

Newbie here.
I’ve been experimenting with some files from the ‘sandbox’. Easel prompts to save a copy – the copy fails.

Linux Mint 20.3

Thanks for any assistance,

can you provide a link to the project(s) your having issue with?

This is one of the sandbox files that I attempted to copy.



Did you have Easel pro? if not change cutters to end mills. then download project files.

I was able to save my own copy on my phone just now :man_shrugging:

I’m still using the free trial, although I have signed up for the monthly subscription.
I’ll do some more testing.

Got home and performed the task again without issue on my laptop.
So the “Save this Project> Make a copy” Blue button at the top of the project works just fine for me.
Windows 10 on the PC. and Android on the Phone. Both on Google Chrome.

Hi Seth,

It’s working now … no idea as to why it didn’t work before … except ‘computers’ :wink:


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