Cannot cut outside of line

I have set up a project that I need to cut outside of the path. After importing the .svg file, I can choose “fill” or “outline” for the holes in the material, but cannot choose either for the outline of the thing that I am cutting. I assume that it is defaulting to “on-path”, but the buttons that are usually available to change the cut from inside to on to outside are missing.

I thought that there may be an open vector in the .svg, but I have gone back over it several times and think that it is OK

I design in Inventor 2017, export as a .dxf, import into Inkscape to join the lines at the nodes and create an .svg file. I have been doing this for about a year with success, but cannot get it to work on the current project. Anybody have any thoughts?

The vector is an open path, not a closed loop.

That is what I figured. Is there any easy way to figure out where the opening is? In Inkscape I tried to drag all of the individual segments to see if any moved independently and none did (that is what I have done in the past)

It is probably all one vector, just not closed. I think you can do it in easel (I don’t use Easel), just edit the nodes…

This may help

Sorry, it took me a little while to get back to this, but it worked like a charm. I had been joining the nodes individually (you mentioned that you had done this in the past), and must have missed something along the way. My design was a rectangle with multiple squares and rectangles coming off of it so I could cut Lexan and then fold it into a box to hold a battery for a robot. I think that in deleting line segments where the rectangles intersected, I was leaving nodes that I did not recognize. I am trying to teach high school girls how to design and cut on the X-Carve, and will amend my instructions to them to join the nodes as you did - much quicker and less prone to error

Glad it worked for you :+1: