Cannot get a precise cut with Corel Draw

I am using my 1000 x 1000 X-Carve with designs made in Corel Draw and have solve some problems with some success:

My problem is when I try to make some inlay work, Corel file is OK:

SVG file seems to be OK too:

But carvings are not:

It seems to be a software problem, I hope you can help me.

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Are you importing the SVG into Easel ? How big is your bit. Does Easel show the uncut parts in red ? It could be that the bit is too bit to go through the gap, so it doesn’t try and make the cut.

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Thank you Andy;
The files are 37Kb in cdr and 14 in svg and yes I am importing the svg one into Easel, it does not show the uncut parts in red BUT it shows the warning sign of too large bit, you are right I will try incresing the whole design size a little.
Do you have any idea of what can be the problem with the measures changing from design to final cut as in the first picture? this little variation kills my project.

Sounds like the bit is too large to make all the cuts. You can verify if the bit is too big by adding detail bit and running tool path. It will show you what the detail bit and main bit will cut. Sometimes Easel won’t show you un-cuttable areas with red marks, but by using detail bit and checking tool paths, it will. This is a good way to check your work before cutting. Also, in CorelDraw, make sure all lines are converted to curves.

Do you have the right settings for inside/onpath/outside ? You might also want to look at this thread, and possible use the app it refers to

The issue that you are having appears to be more of a calibration issue and possibly some belt slippage. I recommend that you check the belts to make sure that they are tight. Then I would recommend that you check the calibration for each axis. Once those issues have been addressed I would then advise that you adjust the speeds and feeds. Is the machine traveling too slow? Too Fast? Are you cutting too deep for each pass causing tool deflection? There are a lot of possibilities that could be addressed for this issue… ,

Thank you all for your tips, I am getting closer to what I want: