Cannot get Easel to Engrave Flipped for Backside of Acrylic

Happy New Year All! I have been working on an award for an upcoming event and trying to dial it in before using the thick expensive acrylic. I designed the award in Easel (see attached) and flip it horizontally, open it in UGS and it does not print reversed. I added a picture of my UGS screen and the printing. Anyone have any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong? Additionally, no matter what I set my depth of cut it seems the diamond bit compresses considerably more. I have it set at 1/16" and it seems to be compressing at least 3/16" or more. Sorry for all the questions, truly a newbee to CNC, just trying to save a few dollars on awards and make them myself. Thanks in advance!

What machine? Do all axes jog the correct direction and distance?

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I have a 3018 Pro and I did check all the axes for the correct direction.

Those little desktop machines move the bed on the Y, but all motion is referencing the tool. So when you jog Y in the positive direction, the bed moves Forward, toward the front is the machine. Is that what you’re seeing?

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Sorry for the slow reply Neil, attached is a diagram of how my bed is moving on the Y axis and the spindle moving on the X axis. I used a different software to create the GCode with the same results. Backwards. Really appreciate the help.

Right. Your Y is flipped.
I know it seems odd, but when you jog Y+, you want the spindle to move toward the back of your stock. Since your spindle doesn’t move, the bed moves Forward to achieve the same result.
You need to reverse the direction of your Y axis. This has nothing to do with gcode.
What’s your $3 value?

Thanks Neil, I’ll get that flipped in UGS. Sorry, I’m a new at this not sure what $3 value is? Also, albeit backwards from what I want I’m having some success etching cast plexi.

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