Cannot get XCarve Controller to Connect to PC or MAC


I have been using my xcarve for about 2 years now and yesterday I could not connect the controller to my windows 10 PC. I have tried connecting the USB to a powered USB hub, directly to the PC, tried a new USB cable, a cable bypassing the USB converted in the controller box, and even tried my macbook (i sometimes use the mac for projects) and cannot get anything to recognize the controller. Nothing shows up when connected in device manager.
I have double checked the red saftey switch (disconnected, reconnected, etc) as well.

Is there any advice you all can give me? I have not been able to get anyone from inventables on the phone so far today.


When you connect USB, do you hear the chime that comes with it?

If you mean the sound Windows makes when a new device is connected, the answer is no. The machine use to make a small movement as well when connecting but its no longer doing that either.
Thanks for the reply

Probably a bad ftdi chip or bad solder joint somewhere.

Just got off with support, which by the way are amazing, and it seems to be the xcontroller. Lucky me!

Dont hesitate to call support, they are really good!