Cannot offset open paths error

I’ve been pulling my hair out as I too am having the ‘check for open paths and join them before importing’ error when trying to an inside or outside outline. This is from a dxf file created in Inkscape.

I have followed lots of videos online trying to solve this but having no joy. Apart from this issue, Easel is perfect for my workflow.

This is clearly to do with something I am doing wrong as I know that the softawre is smarter then me - anybody got any ideas.

DXF file attached.

chef_knife_copy.dxf (12.6 KB)

I feel your pain. Although I don’t create anything in inkscape yet I have gotten a lot of files from FB groups. The DXF import is always a challenge to set the file for use in Easel. Yours is different though a lot of pieces make up your design one would think you could combine it all somehow before exporting it. Sorry wish I could help. InkScape is on my winter to do list.

Thanks Steve - I think I may have to stay goodbye to Inkscape. May I ask, what 2d design program are you using to make SVG or DXF files?

Join the overlapping nodes.
In Inkscape, drag to select all of your design, switch to the node editing tool, drag to select everything, click the Join Selected nodes.

Why are you saving a file generated in Inkscape as a DXF? Why not stick with an SVG?


Aha - that was it!

I was selecting everything, switching to node editing tool but not selecting everything again. What a numpty!

Thanks so much @NeilFerreri1