Can't adjust cut depth

I am trying to import a SVG and then engrave it. I setup the material and the correct thickness. When I import the svg, it displays cutting through the material and I can’t adjust the depth setting. It doesn’t matter if I change bits or make the material thicker. Cut depth is grayed out. Here is the project, if this is the correct way to share it: Calendar

I’m trying to engrave it as a reversed image on the back side of a piece of clear 1/4" cast acrylic.

Thank you!

Have you tried to ungroup them? Then select one item and change its depth.

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Your design elements are Grouped. While Grouping is in effect Depths Cannot be edited. You MUST ungroup in order to edit Depth Setting.

Thank you - that is very helpful to know. The solutions provided worked - I really appreciate the help!

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