Cant Connect to the Arduino from my laptop

Have Just assembled my X-Carve unit and am dying to make it run. I cannot “see” the Arduino on any of the ports, all I get is an “Unknown device” that shows up and dissapears when ever I plug the Arduino cable in or out.

Using (Trying to) Easel for software. Have to admit I’m a newbie with CNC stuff.

Using a Dell Latitude with Win 7 Pro

Keith Williams

Are you leaving the Arduino plugged in long enough for the driver to load? It takes a minute or so.

you need to go to the arduino website and install the arduino software. then when you plug it in you will see it. Normally I open Universal G Code Sender, see the com ports available and then plug in the arduino, it will add the new one.

We had a bit about this on the Shapeoko assembly instructions:

do not install the Blink program
only perform Steps 1–4
installing the Blink program will overwrite Grbl requiring one to reflash