Can't cut out 100%

Ok I’ve searched and can’t find a solution. When I cut with easel it won’t cut all the way through the material leaving just the tabs
Example wood is 3/4 thick can’t seem to set the depth below 3/4 in easel it won’t even show up as a cut through in 3D preview??? It’s driving me nuts. Did I not set up something right in the software or drivers ??? I’ve had to chisel out every shape and design
I know it’s me and not the machine
Bye I’ve had it up and running for 48 hours only so cut me some slack ( no pun intended ):wink:
Thanks in advance

Hey Neil

Can you send a link to your Easel file and a pic of what happened?

Check you material thickness, just because you bought 3/4 it maybe a bit thicker?

Good call @GlennMDutcher do you have a digital caliper @NeilBerkeley?

I did measure the material with digital calipers and entered that into the z measurement
That is correct yes ?

Top and bottom of work
Screen shot of what I had before cut that doesn’t seem right only one shows up on 2d pane

Humbug :frowning:

Maybe you set Z0 off just a bit.
Or your machine is a little off. It looks like it cut all the way through in spots

Thank you all. I will give it a shot today. I will try fudging the thickness. That makes sense. What an amazing community
I will get it figured out I have no doubt :+1:

I’ve had this problem, and it turned out my wasteboard wasn’t perfectly flat. MDF tends to have slight “waves” in it. After resurfacing the wasteboard I got a better cut. I usually just add a bit to my material thickness though.

Are you using a ball-end bit? I had the same problem a while back until I wised up and realized I wasn’t using a flat-end bit.

Calibrating your Z-axis is also a good suggestion (@PhilJohnson), as is leveling/resurfacing your wasteboard (@Rusty).

Still not getting through it ?
Material dimensions

Work in progress :frowning:

Why can’t I put a negative number in cut depth??

Ok got it
I think I was too chicken $@#% to cut into my waste board.
Thanks all.

And yes this dummy was using a ball nose bit :slight_smile: