Can't edit an old file

I made serving trays for my restaurant in 2020
When I bring the file up to make more, I don’t see a way to edit or confirm my settings.
The file was designed in Easel, not Easel Pro

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Is your project locked
Screenshot 2024-03-31 115730

I can’t see that on screen. Here is all I get.

I also used 1 of my free Easel Pro days. Made no difference

That looks like you just uploaded old gcode? That isn’t an Easel design project.

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You have an imported Gcode file shown in that photo. You would need to locate the Easel Design Project in order to make any edits. If you hade previously designed that within Easel than the Design Project may be present in your Projects… However IF all you have access to is that gcode file import project as shown above, than no edits can be made.

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I didn’t import a file. It was created by me, in Easel.
I noticed that all my older Easel projects are now gcode files.

Hello @SteveKinnaird
Easel does not modify your old projects. What was set up as design project will stay editable. A project with GCode will stay as project with GCode. Nothing is modified by Easel “behind the scenes”.

I can see you have a lot of projects in your account. Some are editable as Easel projects, and some are GCode projects. Is it possible the you selected not the right project you had in mind?

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When this project was created, I only used Easel. I would not have exported it or imported any files. Something is a miss with this file and others. I don’t know the answer, but I am not sure anyone does. I know what I did and it was not a Gcode only file.

This specific project you shared has been created in August of 2020, and has been modified since. In any project you can add workpieces and remove them, each workpiece being individual design and as mentioned above not changed unless through user input. We do not keep historical data of edits to each individual project.

You can delete a workpiece and create a new one, both with Easel design or GCode import. As such based on user actions projects can change over time.

Did you perhaps delete a workpiece with a design, and upload the GCode in a new workpiece? This could lead project shifting from editable to read-only.

Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 12.46.55 PM

No the file has not been touched since I used it in 2020 to create 30 of these boards for our restaurant.
I don’t know how it happened and at this point be accused of doing things that I know for a fact; I didn’t do is kind of upsetting.
I’ve move on and recreated as best I can in V-Carve Pro. I guess that the promise from Inventables that my files would be safe is incorrect. I could only save the file on your server and now it’s been modified by someone, somehow.

Hello @SteveKinnaird
I apologize if you read my message as accusatory, this was not my intention. I am trying to explore with you some options where your project could have gone.

I was able to locate some of your projects from circa 2020 that do look like food trays, and are editable. I sent you a link to one via private message, don’t want to post it publicly without your permission. Some of these projects are named “Untitled” so if you search for “Tray” in Easel window, these won’t show up.

Let me know if that’s helpful!

All’s good.
I’m just frustrated that I can’t get what I know I should be able to. I with Easel would force you to name your projects. It’s too easy to create and leave with it untitled.

The tray you sent me was a different project, but thanks for the effort. I cut the redesigned one today and only have a couple minor tweaks and it will pass as the same. Trying to keep consistency between the 2 new locations and the original.

Take care,

It looks to me like you have the right viewing pane in full screen. Look for little arrows along the left top side to bring back the left pane. If they are not there try reducing the zoom of your browser to 90 percent.

Thanks, no other screen options :frowning: