Cant figure how to cut a simple circle!

I am trying to cut out a circle, and the light gray around the outer edge being just a 1/8" inlay area but cant figure out how to get it to NOT bother to shave all the center area, makes for a long drawn out cut. I also cannot figure how to put a line square around it to cut a inch from each edges. Guessing this is simple but not for me yet.


Click on the circle. A window will open up that says shape/cut. Choose " cut on path".

Draw your square the same way. Then select both shapes by surrounding them and a window will open up to position them.

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Put a white circle over the center.

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Thanks for the insight, I think I got it now. I am trying to make the round sand art into a square flippable one like the other.

Thanks again

(ignore the needle, it’s for taking out/putting in air into the items)


Hi I’m also struggling to cut a square out around some work Iv done. Name plates.
Easel keeps saying nothing to cut out with my current settings.
Any help would be amazing thanks

Did you draw the square in Easel?
Is it set to cut outside line?
Could you share the file?

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Yeah I think I can share file probably tommorow though.
Sorry I’m very very new to the game.
Yeah I did the square on easel.
Iv tried the shape and done manually with the lines.
But still no luck

Would you mind starting a new thread for your issue? All you should have to do is create a square, set it to cut outside the path, and set the depth to full depth. Then all you have to decide on is whether you want tabs or not…likely yes to tabs if you are using traditional clamping methods.


Brandon R. Parker

The “Nothing to cut out” with your current settings is most often a result of the user selecting 2 bits, one of which being an endmill and the second a smaller endmill or a vbit, and the design being so small that that first Larger endmill is too large to be of any use… soo you could skip the roughing carve step altogether…

I’m making an assumption here, but in my experiences, this 2 bit issue is the usually culprit of a new user seeing that popup given the scenario you’ve provided…

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