Can't get x-stepper to move spindle to the left now?

X y and z were all working fine… did some practice, simple carves and with different bits… but now the x-axis will not jog to the left… It’s jogs a few times, then suddenly stops and will “click” if I try to jog it one more time. No issues with it going to the right, up, down or forward/backward?

The only tool I have left is a .44 magnum… ugghh

Sounds like a wiring issue. Check the connectors on your X stepper cable.

Thanks Neil for your reply. The wiring connections are all snug and in as far as possible. The x-axis was working all week and, thru the various test, and jogging. Could it be the spindle?

After jogging it to the right a few times, I can jog it back to the left the same, few times, and then it clicks and won’t move. The stepper turns as though there’s nothing wrong, but the belt teeth doesn’t appear to be gripping the stepper teeth, and just spins underneath. Not sure how much more the belt can be tightened?

What machine?
Check the pulley on the stepper shaft. The set screws.

1000m…in my efforts to figure this out, I completely loosened the belt, and turned off the machine, so I can manually slide the x-axis housing by hand (and no strain on the stepper motor). I again, can roll the housing to the right, but as I roll it back to the left, it acts like a car bumping up to a shopping center concrete parking stop barrier? I cannot find anything in the way on the tracks. The wheels spin smoothly…?

Solved… Thank you your assistance and patience…

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Did it stop permanently or just temporarily? Most likely, you’re just generating enough voltage by back driving the stepper to power your board and brake the motors.

Long story… uggh.

I heard a vibe they other night, and couldn’t find where it was coming from. Fast-forward, while inspecting the top z-stepper & belt, I found the problem…

One of the z-stepper mounts/screws came lose/apart and dropped inside of the gantry track, where I couldn’t see. Found the bolt and flat washer inside my vacuum cannister. Had to remove bottom track wheels of the gantry to be able to get to the lost screw. Then put everything back together. My Lord what a lesson.


Loctite is golden :+1:

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Thank you sir…

Problem Possible Solution Get the serial port error When trying to connect, Move the spindle mount all the way to the left by turning the threaded screw.