Can't load file into chilipeppr

I keep trying to load a toolpath into chilipeppr and it crashes everytime. I loaded half and it worked, loaded the other half it worked. When i try the whole file at once it crashes. Is it because it’s too big? Do i have to be logged in? Is the cache not big enough? What’s the deal? It’s only some text and a simple drawing.

when a file is too big, your java script may crash the browser, but as far as i know, in chilipeppr when a file is too big, it will move the file into your memory ram and run the code that way, i have done it before and you may get warnings from the java script asking you to stop the script or conitnue, just hit continue and you should be fine, keep in mind make sure your computer can handle the extra ram usage ( most computers can, its not much it has to use) but thats my experience