Canvas Size error

I had to setup my Vevor s4040 machine. Working area for this machine is 400mm x 400mm x 75mm. I am trying to cut some circles out of a Poly Carbonate sheet with stock size = 300mm x 300mm x 1.5mm. Even though I set the machine size, it will not allow me to center the material on the canvas. The simulation window shows the correct size but the view in the project window does not. Can’t seem to get past this point.


Somebody else needs to chime in here and help more, but I see two potential issues.

One, the image or file that you are importing is a different resolution depth (like 300dpi as opposed to 72dpi), and the conversion changes the aspect ratio.

Two, I can see in your second pic that the rendered size is smaller than the intrinsic size. I don’t know what software you are using to create this pic. Is that a screenshot within the code window in Easel, or is that from your CAD software?

If you want to center the material than you will need to select “center” as 0,0 up in the material settings.