Carbide create for xcarve

hello forum my question is can i use carbide create with my xcarve i was looking in the forum but can’t found ay topics on that
thanks in advance

Short answer, yes.

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You can create projects in Carbide Create and then export the G-code. You can then send the G-code to an Xcarve using a G-Code sender.

If you want to use Easel to send your Carbide Create creation to an X-carve, you would go into Easel, create a new project and the use “Import G-Code” in the “Files” menu.

The downside to importing G-Code into Easel is that you can’t use the preview features to see how it looks using the different materials and bits. You also cannot make adjustments to your project using Easel. It is pretty much fixed once it comes out of Carbide Create.

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hello and thanks for the information. could you further explain the process of using a g code sender. if done that way are you then able to edit or preview the file? thanks.

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