Carbide Tipped 2 Flute Straight 1/2"

I would like to use Carbide Tipped 2 Flute Straight 1/2 " with dewalt dw611 to remove bulk parts at MDF milling. Did any one use it before? what is the best machine parameters?

I have used 2 flute straights of these dimensions: 6, 12 and 20mm.
For me running them at anywhere from 1500mm/min to 2500mm/min works. The faster you go lower the depth of cut.

Running a 6mm straight in pine wood right now. Being safe and running 1800mm/min @ 1,5mm depth of cut. Works great.

Oh and I use a Makita. Lowest speed setting. Should be around 10K rpm. Don’t know what the 611 runs at.

Keep the shop vac running! MDF is nasty stuff! :smile:

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thanks a lot my friend. do you have link at ebay for the 12mm and 20mm bits at 1/4" shank

Sorry man I do not. I picked up a kit with 6 straight router bits dirt cheap at a local hardware store here in Norway.

I really did not expect these cheap bits to last. But they are true champions, I love them! :smile:

Perhaps a couple of these might work for you:

Here is a pic of mine using a 12mm straight 2 flute plowing happily and pretty quietly through some hard wood.

I use 16000RPM, 1000mm/min, 3mm DOC with my 3/4" straight flute, you can use 1mm and 3000mm/min without any issues. The recomended feedrate for a 3/4" 2 flute @ 16000rpm would be 4877mm/min, you can def run it at that with 1mm DOC

EDIT: you can buy 1/2" and 3/4" 2 flutes at homedepot, the brand is Freud and are about 10$