Carbon Fiber Ring

So after scouring the forum and not finding much help, I jumped in head first for a change :slight_smile: and cut out a piece for a ring i’m working on. I kept reading how you needed diamond tip bits and to go very slow. Well I’m here to tell you first hand that’s all bull. I cut the thin piece out of a nice block of 2"x 2"x.5" with an ordinary 1/16" straight bit at 40 ipm at .03 doc and a 3" plunge and I must say I could easily almost double that next time. Carbon fiber cuts like butter, but do make sure to use proper dust collection as the fibers are pretty harmful to your lungs. Anyway just wanted to post this for others that have been leery of working with the material. Here’s a pic of the ring, still a work in progress (Carbon Fiber with a Copper core and may do a copper inlay).



Not sure what kind of “butter” you’re using.

There are many different types of carbon fiber. How many layers did it have? What was the resin used? Was it 2 × 2 twill weave or 1 x 1? Unidirectional weave? How thick were the weaves, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 micrometers? Was it 3K or 12K? Etc. Etc.

It was 3X, don’t know much more than that. Here’s the listing on etsy

Thanks! Need to sand out all those marks in the copper and shine her up.

Finished the ring and really like it! It’s carbon fiber with a copper core (made from a copper plumbing pipe) and a offset copper inlay (made from copper picture wire). Love finding new things to do with my machines.


Looks great… adding it to my pile of things to do!!!

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That’s actually very nice looking Brian :+1:

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