Carbon Stock

Wanted to gauge interest and start a official sale thread for my composite work.

I make double sided 12 x 12 carbon panels 1mm-3mm-5mm + in thickness for cnc use.
vac. bagged , 3k prepreg 20 - 3k prepreg 40, Plain weave or most popular 2x2 twill. 0°/90° orientation. Temp grade = 450 cure/work

I will produce what the general store offers with similar pricing and offer these and other options to enable everyone to design and build projects that require a robust thickness and higher working temp .

1mm panel = 50.00 + tax/shipping - price match
2mm panel = 80.00 + tax/shipping - price match
3mm panel = 120.00 + tax/shipping
4mm panel = 140.00 + tax/shipping
5mm panel = 200.00 + tax/shipping

Lowering the prices on these have ten of various sizes made ready :slight_smile:

I do have access to different materials carbon kevlar, pure carbon(non preg) … etc but will require a special order to be placed with a 2 week lead time minimum of 2 panel order.

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^dry carbon

why is carbon fiber so expensive?

does it just take along time to make ?

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short answer is Yes it takes a considerable amount of time and equipment to produce :slight_smile:

.The material itself cost a fair amount. There is always a choice between materials which will change the outcome of the product at the end. Overall this is a great situation because you can choose and develop a panel with particular properties for the “job”. I wont go to much into the choices but rather ill talk now about some of the general concerns you should have as a consumer… rather… what you should be looking for… When you are working with wood the density of each type of wood makes them valuable for different reasons, this is also translated into the composite world as “Layer count” and “Layer adhesion” or “density” “thickness” … Layer adhesion is a little harder to define but for all purposes of this short crash course, ill explain this by jumping into why we need a decent pump. Plenty of pumps out there… AC pumps for refrigerators and pump adapters for compressors are used often . this is fine to get a shape or a mold. Getting even predictable pressure is what we ultimately want because that will help us make cherry wood, instead of pine. Choice in Epoxy or bonding medium is also important. Most composites that you see on the market are low temp epoxy or polyester resins so you can’t use these in some applications they will fail under heat or load. Also the way each “slice” is physically layered is important for the strength / load distribution properties of the composite… so with out boring You and everyone on the forums to death … there is a lot that go into my parts yes I cant speak for others … my experience as a consumer in this market is what made me go this far to correct the issue … I was tired of paying top dollar for this thin part I felt I couldn’t even use because of how it felt, Thin flimsy it just didn’t seem right to me … now there are videos on line that show how to make it and the process and you can do and they are fine… i do a lot of those same processes but I think the quality is in the details, the edges, the finish, the work that goes into it … I hope this answers your question :slight_smile:

His cost more than others, you can get it cheaper at difference places. Also craftsmanship plays a big part in cost.

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correct but id like to see you find high temp blanks like I offer for this price :slight_smile:

also thought i should share this here these are blem panels im selling on ebay…

ok guys talk to me … whats the issue with whats posted here ? price ? quality? quantity? what do i need to do to make my project a success? have i missed the mark?

I just dont do anything with carbon fiber currently lol

:slight_smile: yea i hear ya I just really want this project to succeed not getting many inquires as i thought i would hopefully i can get a following going of some sort.

have you tried the r/c and drone fourms out there?

mmm actually i tried … when i came up with the project … I realized that making the material would be time consuming as it is … I have the x carve but i wanted to stay away from actually making products which the RC scene seems to only want … but thats a good idea maybe I should approach that again and see if anything happens with it … I wanted to maybe do what car guys do and get a group buy going to lower the cost and make it simple to order the large rolls of material …Ideally Id like to only produce the carbon , give it to CNC people, and than have you guys make the products to sell… see what iam saying? i dunno maybe i can approach that idea again :slight_smile:

yeah I just think that working with carbon fiber for me at least is super expensive and I really find that its hard to go with genuine carbon fiber over the imitation stuff

plus the tooling to cut carbon fiber on the cnc machine can get quite expensive

I have seen alot of people hydro dipping products in carbon fiber film vs using the real thing as it will move quicker with more customers

but if you want to sell carbon fiber don’t give up you just have to find your niche market

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yea I used to be fine with the hydro dipping and the skinning people … but once i got into the craft i started to really hate the “look” … poaching … and I might have to give up at some point … i cant say exactly why but basically i Piggy back off another corp order so i can get large rolls I order 25 yrds at a time currently … soo eventually that deal will dry up like everything does im just worried a little bit but I hear ya I wont give up! :slight_smile: I just have to figure out the niche