Carve and then cutout

Ok, a newbie here. My wife wants me to make some christmas ornaments . A nice merry Christmas in the shape of a tree. But then I need to cut them out (a circle 4" cut). How do I do the carve cut of the tree and then the cutout of the circle. Confused Bill

Hey Bill,
Would you be using the same but for the carve and the cutout? If so, just set your circle to cut the outline at full depth.
If you share the project (File–>Share–>Share with Link–>Save and then paste URL), happy to show you what I’d do using Easel.

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No I want to engrave the tree in the center of the circle and then cutout the circle with a 1/8 bit


not exactly sure what you did here. can you explain it to me

I hope this will help you understand what Neil was doing.
I attached an Easel file that I did of an ornament with a deer in the middle.
The first page is just the deer so you would carve that out then change bits,
go to the second page and cutout the ornament. Make sure you set your Z height
when you change your bit. I hope this helps, keep at it and you will get it.
The third page is just a copy.
Good Luck


Think “object” and one set of rules applied per object.

If you want to assign different rules to a project, you need to break up the overall design into individual or grouped objects. This also provide control to the carve sequence object-object.

By rules I mean cut depth, tool parameters, feed and speeds and carve sequence etc.