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Carve depth issue

Ive had my xcarve for 2 years and it has carved great! All of a sudden, Im having issues with the carve depth. Ive ensured everything on the xcarve is tight. The rails are level, the board is level. Nothing has changed. Everything is tight (including the belts) and level.
I zero on the bottom left of the workpiece. Lets say that Im carving stars. As it carves the stars up towards the top, the stars depth gets more shallow and the star itself is smaller than the first one carved from zero. Has anyone else had this problem and what was your fix? Thanks in advance!!

Your spoil board or material is not flat / parallell relative to Z-height.
If it is uneven in thickness/height the bit will ride higher/lower too.

For height-critical work I recommend you route the face of the material first (if your spoil board is truly flat too, otherwise skim cut that aswell)
Then do your lettering/stars.


Thanks for your response but Ive checked that and everything is exactly level and is perfectly parallel relative to the z height. Im beginning to think its possibly an issue with the x-controller.

If your machine is sound then check collet/bit for slippage.
Something is giving.

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