Carve Depths

Hello peeps. Ok, so first week with the X-Carve. My first project turned out SICK. I took an arched barrel stave from a wine barrel and cut out 5 holes for those glassy baby candles. The hardest part was tricking the machine into the different heights of the arch, but I nailed it. So stoked to show pics when I’m done.

Ok, so now I’m feeling brave and I switch over to the 60-degree V-carve bit, to complete a long overdue engraved cutting board for a friend. I noticed in Easel that some fonts don’t show up on the preview using different cutting styles. So I played around till I found one that looks stellar, and shows up exactly how I want it in the preview. Probe the Makita to the center of the piece, set the XY to the lower left hand corner, and no matter what depth I set the total cut in Easel, it gives me the same results every time. Some of the letters barely get carved, while others are perfect. What am I doing wrong?

Oh, and my total depth per pass is 1/16", but it doesn’t matter how much my total depth is. Same result. I even tried fooling it and setting different thicknesses of my piece. Nope.

For vbit carves having the workpiece parallel to the spindle plane of movement. (Sometimes inaccurately refered to as level or flat)

You can do this most accurately by surfacing the workpiece on the cnc… or Sometimes i use this shimming technique to get the top perfect for vbit carving…

It sounds like your board is warped, cupped, twisted, or bowed if you’ve got good carves and shallow on the and board, so it might need planed.

Also if you haven’t yet, it’s very important to surface the wasteboard and of the z axis is to high that can effect the z not being able to n plunge deep enough into the workpiece, so make sure that bit can actually reach the wasteboard and lower the z assembly of needed.

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Bingo! Thanks bud!

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